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Camille Morgado By ccaamzz Updated Sep 11, 2016

Isn't it too funny that society tells you to be yourself but says, "not like that!" after?..

I tried my best to be their perfect daughter. I gave my best shots to everything they want me to do. 
I gave up things that makes me happy for the things that makes them happy.
I just want them to be proud of me. 
I gave them my 99 percent. 
And yet, all they saw was that fucking 1%!

And that fucking 1% mistake!
So the tragedy began when I fell inlove with a girl.

I mean, i know there is nothing wrong being inlove with a girl. 

Unless, you are a girl too.

And when that happens, all hell breaks loose....
Society will shatter you. Conscience will curse you. Destiny will play on you. 
Until all there's left is naut. 

But even so, there will always be people that will love you no matter what. People who will support you and your happiness..
And i chose to believe on their words. 
I chose to close my ears to the society and open my heart to these kind of people. .

Because bad things happen so...

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