The Bad Boys Baby {COMPLETED}

The Bad Boys Baby {COMPLETED}

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𝒜𝓇𝒾. By nolimitputa Completed


He walks closer to me and I walk faster away from him. I felt a hand grip my wrist and pull me back. 

"What do you want?" I ask.

"I want to know why your ignoring me." He asked.

"You don't remember do you?" I say.

"Remember what?" He questions.

"Your such an idiot. When I asked you if I could talk to you after school. You never came." I say angrily putting my hand on my waist in annoyance.

"I forgot about that." He admits.

"Clearly." I said walking to the lunch room.

"What did you have to tell me anyway?" He ask with furrowed eyebrows.

I got scared but it's know or never. But I could always go with never but then again he's the father so he has the right to know... I'm confused with myself at the moment.

I pulled him in the nearest janitors closet. Thank god everybody isn't in the hallway, they might've spread a rumor about us having a major make out session in there.

"Is this your way of telling me you wanna fuck... In here?" He smirked putting his hands on my waist. 

"No!" I said slapping his hands away. 

"Wow, your stomachs hard as a rock. Have you been working out?" He ask leaning against the wall staring at my stomach. 

I hide my stomach with my books.

"I've been eating a lot." I admit.

"Well... Take a chill pill your don't wanna turn into a blue berry." He scoffs.

"I'm gonna pretend you didn't just call me fat." I say crossing my arms.

"Sorry, but it's true." He says fiddling with his ID.

"The reason why I'm 'fat' is because I'm pregnant." I confess and walk out of the closet leaving him dumbfounded.



Winter Santego was an average 17-year-old. Well except your twin brother Noah was popular. She doesn't stand out that much but she likes it that way until one little run in with the bad boy Colton Knight.

 Follow Winter on her journey of taking care of the biggest responsibility of her life.

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  • drama
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  • pregnancy
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RoseGoldTD RoseGoldTD Sep 22, 2017
Its totally by accident if i happen to break ur hand... u should know im clumsy
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8 ducking hours I only have school for 6 hours and I go to a private school
dat_babykizzel1 dat_babykizzel1 May 03, 2017
The cover really makes me want to read this story so bad it look too cute
natalie299 natalie299 Jan 21
I’ve read this whole story and i just started reading another one like this lol
Tatiana_Writes Tatiana_Writes Aug 24, 2016
I like how this is so realistic cuz alot of other wattpad books girls are always naked faced even though right not alot of girls normally wear full faces of makeup or at least mascara on a every day bases.
tagyourit09 tagyourit09 Oct 01, 2016
@saiges I saw a book similar to this before but it was on my old account