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His Ex Wife

His Ex Wife

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naressa24 By naressa24 Updated Jan 30

Sofia Evvans, an innocent, pure kind, large hearted, patient and a very open minded girl had no choice but to get married to Christopher Vandilique; a very rich; egotistical; self considerate; arrogant; impatient and short temper man. 
Little she didn't know,  the day she say "I do", her life will be a living hell.

syglkisy syglkisy Jul 11, 2016
If only u can seperated them within several would be more interesting to read....
sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Jul 08, 2016
Sofia you have yo remember that you have connecting rooms and you just took off your toeel around youand in walks your new chris that was paying attention but looked up to see yiu naked as the day you were born and he dropped the the book he had in his hand girl.
syglkisy syglkisy Jul 11, 2016
Again.....please make them more readable by separating each paragaraph...i really like it but I can't read it properly...sorry
KripaGeorge KripaGeorge Aug 13, 2016
U r mixing third person and first person pls pay attention to that otherwise it is confusing
efishx efishx Aug 26, 2016
So a few things to work on; 
                              Point of view
                              And that's all I noticed.