Without You Am Nothing

Without You Am Nothing

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booklover-96 By booklover-96 Updated May 26, 2017

Meet Hayden

He is an arrogant,heartless womaniser according to the business world but in reality he is the most caring person when it's come to his family and his friends.He rises  fund for orphanage and abused women without revealing his name. He likes to keep it secret.

Meet Angel
 The girl who was once active and energetic and whose smiles lighted the  whole room changed after that horrible incident. Now she is faking herself for the   sake of her family.

What will happen when both meet???  Will he help her to overcome that incident??   Will he able to bring back her true self and happiness??   let's join their love journey to know about more...   

Warning- English is not my first language.. So there will  be  lot of grammar mistakes..

Have a happy reading.

  • billionaire
  • ceo
  • kidnap
  • love
  • personalassistant
  • possessive
  • romance
  • secret
bookbunny123 bookbunny123 Apr 01, 2017
Nice start booklover!!! i just started to read your book now but, i like the plot it is "simple and realistic" unlike overreacted  :)
DLBiranen DLBiranen Dec 29, 2016
You should erase 'quickly',  because 'hurriedly' and 'quickly' is a repetition when used together
SokamNah SokamNah Jan 01, 2017
But I like red hair a little bit more than black hair these days xD
SokamNah SokamNah Jan 01, 2017
The plot is cliche. Try to add something more new and spicy. Your presentation of events is good. Taste in outfits is good lol. And the grammar is thora okay thora not okay but not bad. Thora improve karne se it can be a fine piece xD
Ritanitatita Ritanitatita Dec 31, 2016
Cute story so far. I noticed a few mistakes in tense, so watch out for that
Daydreamer6515Xx Daydreamer6515Xx Nov 27, 2016
I think you should probably spell OMG out. This part was cute though ☺