Honey House, Too

Honey House, Too

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Laura Harner By LauraHarner Updated May 02, 2016

As promised, this is the sequel to Honey House, but it comes with a warning...
I am writing this as we go, so it is unedited, and there will definitely be changes to the final version--and probably changes as we go along, too. 

I'd love your feedback, and reader comments can effect the storyline--so let me know what you think and what you want!

Remember, this is a work-in-progress, so I'll be adding the official description and cover over the next couple of weeks--I just didn't want to wait any longer to start the first chapter.


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KaySetonks KaySetonks Jan 29, 2016
So the time is upon them, they must make what plans they can and make sure they have each others backs!   It is going to be tough!
bestmom60 bestmom60 Jan 27, 2016
I have been looking forward to this book, thanks for posting it, I'm really excited to read it.
bestmom60 bestmom60 Jan 27, 2016
Wouldn't it be easier to deny it, unless they have concrete proof that werewolves exist. Was Merkham able to send the proof over before he was killed, if not it's still speculation, right.
bestmom60 bestmom60 Jan 27, 2016
There off at the moment but it still doesn't stop the green eyed monster from making an appearance. :)
bestmom60 bestmom60 Jan 27, 2016
Yeh right, the best laid plans and all, I don't think it will be that straight forward.
starlite22 starlite22 Jan 25, 2016
Yay so happy my favorite story is back!  Can't wait to find out more about the magic of Honey House.