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You're Mine Now

You're Mine Now

444K Reads 15.6K Votes 26 Part Story
milkbone07 By milkbone07 Completed

A boy is kidnapped while on summer break and is sold to a man who wants the boy as a sex toy. However, will the boy realize how lucky he really is?


zaza_luvs zaza_luvs Feb 19
The fact that there's two pansexual jokes above is hilarious cause I can relate
You thought that he was underaged but you were still gonna fūck him
Why am I in the fridge? I just got out the closet now I'm in the fridge... sounds accurate actually
There's  a Nathan in my class his real name is Nathaniel he is big pervert but he is also bisexual aka he is one of my bestftiend
gia_pudi gia_pudi Feb 12
If he was bill nye I wouldn't mind at all 😏😏😏because bill nye is daddy 😋😋😋😋😏😏😏😏
easeolly easeolly Feb 18
You know it's going to be a good book when this is the beginning