Going crazy [Yandere x reader]

Going crazy [Yandere x reader]

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all_about_that_anime By all_about_that_anime Updated 10 hours ago

He's loved you since you two met. He's always wanted to tell you that, but was scared of what would happen to your friendship. Now his worst fear has come true, and all he can do is think about getting you back into his life. But you've met someone else. Someone new.
And someone's getting jealous.

Note: told from 1st person.

Will contain swearing, and possible future graphic scenes.

MayisGone MayisGone Aug 09
Wait whos the guy in the pic or is it really well drawn generic animu dood?
Sparkle566 Sparkle566 Sep 20
I kinda want to slap Reader-chan right now because she's acting really stupid. -_-
- - Jun 22
Oh my God, no offence, but your character is so oblivious! In a cute way! She didn't even notice how he was acting, but I like this story~ Can't wait to see what happens
                              Wait is he the Yandere?!😰
                              But he is so nice
                              Or so I think 
- - Jun 22
God, why is she so angry about his confession and everything? If I had a boy bestfriend and he confessed to me I'd calmly say "No bro." and be all cool, even IF he said he didn't wanna be my fren b4. But anyway, I like drama, so I like this ;) Can't wait to read more
"My friend isn't looking at me anymore he is totally gonna tell me that he doesnt want to be my friend anymore!😰"