Going crazy [Yandere x reader]

Going crazy [Yandere x reader]

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Leah By _l34h_ Updated Jan 21

He's loved you since you two met. He's always wanted to tell you that, but was scared of what would happen to your friendship. Now his worst fear has come true, and all he can do is think about getting you back into his life. But you've met someone else. Someone new.
And someone's getting jealous.

Note: told from 1st person.

Will contain swearing, and possible future graphic scenes.

WolfieChan9 WolfieChan9 Dec 15, 2016
I hate when this happened, i was the one confessing. sadly, REGECTION. But then he loves me back so... yay! <3
ElowenBriar ElowenBriar Dec 12, 2016
I am sad to say that this has happened to me before. . .more than once. . .about five times ;^; it really sucks
MayisGone MayisGone Aug 09, 2016
Wait whos the guy in the pic or is it really well drawn generic animu dood?
Sparkle566 Sparkle566 Sep 20, 2016
I kinda want to slap Reader-chan right now because she's acting really stupid. -_-
MariceliBurgos MariceliBurgos Jul 23, 2016
                              Wait is he the Yandere?!😰
                              But he is so nice
                              Or so I think 
ElowenBriar ElowenBriar Dec 12, 2016
Now I feel guilty because I have done that before to all the guys who confessed to me. I blocked them on all social media and ignored them in school. Oh my gosh, I feel horrible.