UnderFell Sans X Reader

UnderFell Sans X Reader

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Well yea this is an shipping and yes alot of Lemon cause well Underfell Sans is rough ehehe i know in werid well my first time doing this so if i do make a mistake well comment and help me make it better

This can be for guys and Girls i really dont care i know you all think it wrong but meh really dont care if you talk trash cause your just mean :p

You had finally got enough of your world everyone was rude actually wanted you gone and actually today your parents kicked you out and so you ran away even though you were kicked out to some werid mountain you heard that if you go there you never come back you end up going there and next thing you knew you were falling down

(All pics and undertale goes straight to the owner's)

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                              Red and black half shaved 
                              11 in the story 20
                              Also what i look like in real life
DajoArtLP DajoArtLP Mar 21
So i got thrown out at the age of 13? Come on!Why do Parents in fanfictions have to be so rude
_Paraga_ _Paraga_ Mar 12
Paraga (Para or Paradox for short)
                              Brown with red tips
                              depends on the age of the skele bro
                              uh Brownish red
                              i know that means orange but it’s not orange it’s
                              hard to explain eh whatever
My oc
                              Neon pink with black in it
                              *no friends*
                              Left eye is neon pink that fades into neon yellow right eye is neon purple that fades into neon green
(My oc)
                              Hair color: Pastel rainbow
                              Eye color: Pastel blue/pink
Name :Angie 
                              Hair: Flaming red
                              Age: 16
                              Gender : Female 
                              Eye colour: Blue