UnderFell Sans X Reader

UnderFell Sans X Reader

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Blaze the Great By The_Great_Blaze Completed

Well yea this is an shipping and yes alot of Lemon cause well Underfell Sans is rough ehehe i know in werid well my first time doing this so if i do make a mistake well comment and help me make it better

This can be for guys and Girls i really dont care i know you all think it wrong but meh really dont care if you talk trash cause your just mean :p

You had finally got enough of your world everyone was rude actually wanted you gone and actually today your parents kicked you out and so you ran away even though you were kicked out to some werid mountain you heard that if you go there you never come back you end up going there and next thing you knew you were falling down

(All pics and undertale goes straight to the owner's)

WhiteUsagi WhiteUsagi Apr 27, 2016
I don't wanna be a bitch, but I think you could have used a bit of these ,,,,,,,,,,
                              And a little help with your grammar :)
DimensionalDragonvur DimensionalDragonvur Jun 25, 2016
*dramatically turns around and saw uf toriel directly infrpnt of my face**let's a startled goat noise*
catcdecer catcdecer Jun 11, 2016
Try to make sentences a bit shorter, you have a few run ons, but amazing plot! I understand what you are trying to say and love the way you think!
okayxit okayxit Dec 10, 2016
"where am i? ... How am I alive" c'mon put some more effort!
NightSoCoolioYep NightSoCoolioYep Jul 01, 2016
The best part of this story so far is that "BONEZONE" was literally one of the tags
MonochromePetals MonochromePetals Jul 08, 2016
Uf tori: *uf toriel right behind me when I turn around*
                              Me: *lets out strangled shrill goat sound*