Love comes to those in the dark. (Draco Malfoy x reader.)

Love comes to those in the dark. (Draco Malfoy x reader.)

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This is a long story, and it's about your experiences in Hogwarts. Everything may not be the same to your ideal. But I hope you enjoy your self reading it. 

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My electric toothbrush used to play this song when I was around six
Anyone heard about a game called ,,Graal Online Classic"?
                              My house there is basically the bag XD
*Doctor Who theme song plays*  I Kind of don't know why it's playing, Hermione also had a purse that was bigger on the inside *I say while dancing*
1800Loser 1800Loser May 16
"Its smaller on the outside."
                              "People usually say it the other way, but yeah"
I never understood why they had to buy pointes hats since I'm pretty sure they never wear them
ohmygods13 ohmygods13 Jan 17
Are you trying to make me cry
                              Cause that's what this song does