Acnologia Lucy

Acnologia Lucy

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She was just an ordinary girl who wondered about what life would be like outside of the woods.

A day like no other. Acnologia found her. She became his daughter and grew up only knowing him until he left on the same year all dragons disappeared.

Her name is Lucy Yakshini and this is her story.

I do not own fairytale. This is just my own fan fiction.

(Currently being edited)

*Sorry for bad description. I write better than I explain.*

I like this book. It explains-but isn't boring. 
                              It's funny, but not stupid. 
This is me at 12:00 while my math teacher says I'm not paying attention while in fact I'm actualy reason watpad under the table and drawing Koch curves in my math notebook
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Me right now it's like 2:45 am and I can't really go into my kitchen cause my parents don't know I'm up so it kinda sucks and I'm craving ice cream
Me everyday.Espacially in school.The only thougt I have is "I'm too hungry for this."
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