Red Eyes (Creepypasta x Reader) [#Watty's2016]

Red Eyes (Creepypasta x Reader) [#Watty's2016]

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BLT✨ By Awoken_death11 Updated Dec 15, 2016

First story. Please no hate. Please. Anyways...

(Y/n) (L/n) was thought to be an ordinary girl. She looked very normal. Nothing was wrong. Just that she studders a lot, shakes more than how a usually person should, and was a sadist. Normal right? No.Everything else was nothing to her but what really stood out was her eyes. They were a crimson red color. Nobody has really seen her face due to the fact she always wears her hood over her head. Which covers her face and eyes. After some time of bulling she meets a group of killers, which are unfortunately looking for a Target, which happens to be (Y/n).
One night she finds herself being attacked by a group of killers. She escapes them twice which is really hard to do. But she sees them again... This time it was different. She was a great fighter.
But she didn't know is that she escaped because mabye, just maybe, they had a bit of lust upon little (Y/n).

~Hope you like it~
Creepypasta's don't belong to me.
Only X-Slayer does.

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One thing my character has bright red eyes and the song band is linkin park and skillet
There goes another fourth wall...*sigh* 
                              We need another wall!
TheHungryGhoulHUN TheHungryGhoulHUN Oct 24, 2016
Ahem,for real,if I go out from my house I always wear my hoodie up
lygnoz21 lygnoz21 Nov 25, 2016
Srry i don't want to be an x cuz i don' want to be slayed😂😂😂😂
killerwolf335 killerwolf335 Sep 19, 2016
No problem and I would message you back but I still can't message back for some reason
I have ocd in writing... I rlly just wana fix some things but I can't... Love the story tho!