"One Love (LauranceXReader)"

"One Love (LauranceXReader)"

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Dude! I ship you with Laurance! This is my--I mean your fantasy! Look out for these things because I think imma let you choose some stuff (and it's totally not because I am really lazy -_-)

Y/N (your name)
V/N (village name)
H/N (horse name)
F/C (favourite coulor)
S/F/C (second favourite colour)
H/C (hair colour)
E/Y (eye colour)jk

Y/N and Laurance are linked. They have been since birth. But there are secrets and lies in their closely-woven lives, a fault in their stars. And true feelings.

A romance was always predicted in their futures, but also a decision, that would determine the lives of many innocent people. But if the sacrifice is made, their would be a great loss that can never be recovered.

Or could it?

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Don't worry Gene is my senapai and you take him from me I WILL GRAB YOU INTESTANS AND REARANGE THEM....ahem I meant to say HES MINE BACK OF
DaREALDawg DaREALDawg Oct 28
Oh man is there a undertake type fan base in aphmau?!?! Oh god now I wanna leave...
Perfect way to say fine when a hot guy is going to carry you
*pulses out kirito's sword* my senpai......!!!!!!!!😑😑😑
iiDotLyfeii iiDotLyfeii Nov 23
This is one of the reasons I stopped reading XReaders, no hate towards you though; Author~Sama.
Enderdragon~Chan isn't listening and she never followed you in the first place >:c