Forever Mine (Ally/You)

Forever Mine (Ally/You)

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Y/n is the badass at her high school in LA. She has 2 actual best friends. She is known as the heartbreaker, the fighter and the kid who just doesn't give a shit about anything or anyone. She doesn't let anyone in and she doesn't let herself care.

Insert Ally Brooke Hernandez. She's the peppy nerdy girl that everyone can't help but to like. She's dating the quarterback of the football team, is captain of the spirit squad and has 2 amazing best friends. But she has secrets of her own. She finds herself becoming attracted to the mysterious girl known as Y/n Y/l/n. 

Will Y/n let the sunshine girl in? Will she find herself fall for the short Latina as hard as Ally has fallen for her? 

You G!P

Qveen_DesDes_98 Qveen_DesDes_98 Nov 29, 2016
Just say "no bitch" an if he still demands you say "I'm on my period" 😕😕😕😕
conflictedgay conflictedgay Nov 08, 2016
...I hate my cousins but family is family so I would've beat his ass but ok
You like pudding? Well you're gonna like me pudding this dick in your ass
SneakyLittleLezbo SneakyLittleLezbo Aug 21, 2016
I wish I could be best friends with Lauren and Dinah but that won't ever happen 😭😭
redeb21 redeb21 Aug 10, 2016
She should of he was asking for it, did you not see what hima and his friends did to Shawn?
Qveen_DesDes_98 Qveen_DesDes_98 Nov 29, 2016
Cause he hurt my only cousin and I didn't even do anything to him sooooo...........