Bill Cipher(human) x reader~ after Weirdmeggedon

Bill Cipher(human) x reader~ after Weirdmeggedon

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jack skeleton By xDreamDemonx Updated Aug 27, 2016

so, weirdmeggedon is finally over! And you have come to Gravity Falls one month later to see if you can find any information about the strange Oddpacalypse  that had happened. But on the way, you meet someone who may or may not be plotting something else, in revenge.


okay, so I know weirdmeggedon part 3 comes out on the 15, but I just want to make something for gravity falls so all of them diehard fans like myself, can read that's up to date! Because its so weird having to read fanfics were Dipper still doesn't  know who the author of the journals are.

Lokiismyking7 Lokiismyking7 4 days ago
Yay,if our universe wasn't trashy,trash like me wouldn't exist...well darn
orkidaahmetaj orkidaahmetaj Aug 22, 2016
                              He's in the NUDE 
Leanne611 Leanne611 Dec 18, 2016
Omg, this is me! I always get about 10 or so led pencils, and I always end up losing them.
DaWinterHuskey DaWinterHuskey Sep 13, 2016
Bill can be a little bum but he's a Doredo bum so I guess it's ok
XxBlueMoonxX198 XxBlueMoonxX198 Nov 07, 2016
Me: *Ahem* ...*points to a sign saying 'We have the right to refuse service to everyone'* Problem solved
DaWinterHuskey DaWinterHuskey Sep 13, 2016
I talk to myself a lot and one time I decided to pull a prank on my friend. She asked me who i was talking to and I told her I was talking to the guy in the black hood, I then pointed to nothing but air and she was freaked out for about a week😂