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"You are a brat" he mumbled looking down 

"What did you just say" I snapped 

"You are a brat" he said louder looking up at me 

 I looked up at him "well if I'm a brat your a jerk" I said with a smile as he smirked

Leah is heading to college this year but what she did not know was that she was going to be roommates with the bad boy 
Aka Ryan black.

Y is she a brat??? Did he not like the way she talked or something. Damn I'm using up all my data 4 this so this better b good.
Again, it's a little short, but I like the fact that we got to meet her roommate. You could say why he thought she was a brat, or did she even feel anything towards the guy ... such as being annoyed by his statement ... a few errors but otherwise you are doing fine!
A little short, but at least I understood the fact that she was getting the room key to her dorm. To make it longer you could tell us more about the college or how she felt.
It's short, nothing too exciting happened, and there are a lot of grammatical errors that should be fixed up. Some of your phrasing feels "off" i.e 'My feet slowly moving', but hey, that could just be me. I haven't 'really' seen to much else  - so it is hard to judge your characters, plot etc.