You're Different {Fairy Tail} [Complete]

You're Different {Fairy Tail} [Complete]

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💩Jadie-Poo!💩 By jaee1010 Completed

Lissana comes back from the 'dead,' but when something or someone puts a spell on the whole Fairy Tail guild, (excluding Lucy) they start ignoring Lucy, callling her names, throwing magic at her, calling her weak, dumb, b*tch, and just doing what 'family' shouldn't do.

So, Lucy leaves. She leaves in hopes for getting stronger, and to get revenge on her so called 'family.' While walking along forest right beside a little, cute, town, she comes along a waterfall...


"Wh-What was that?" 

A few years later Lucy goes back to the Fairy Tail guild. Will she get her revenge or will she fogive them? 

Find out in "Your Different {Fairy Tail}."
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