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The Sky's Key

The Sky's Key

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Ⓒⓡⓞⓦ By ALPH4_CENT4URI Updated Mar 05

Once upon a time...that's what all stories start with, right? The author introduces the characters, the setting, basically the whole exposition. Then they move on to rising action, then the climax, and falling action. And finally, the resolution. This is like any other story. You see, there is nothing unique about this at all. In a land of wizards, nothing seems strange at all. Books eating your shoes, plants which scream, and creatures which only those who have witnessed death can see. 

Yet, to those who have never lived in the world of Harry Potter may find this strange. People wearing cloaks, using wands to cast spells, and even house elves are a little...scary.

Yet those who enter the realm of Fairy Tail may find their concept of wizardry strange. People who can transform themselves into demons, the variety of magic, and the idea of guilds seem very strange. People who eat fire, keys that can make spirits appear, and flying cats is a little...scary. 

Both of have different concepts of magic. One with wands, and ones without wands. But they are both practically the same...right?

Oh Mavis, was I completely wrong.

You see, this is my tale....or should I say, our tale.

It doesn't actually start with once upon a time. See, this isn't just story.

It's our reality.

And this story is way too strange to start with, "Once Upon time".

Instead, that is what it will end with.

Welcome to our world. I hope you enjoy your ride. Cause it's one hell of a bumpy one.

I wish you the best of luck.

OoooOOOOOoooo I can't wait for the chapters I need them nao. This sounds so good!
worldpeace24 worldpeace24 Dec 31, 2016
The fourth wall keeps on being destroyed... We need a fifth wall.
I realized I just lost a ton of views...I should've just unpublished them and then fixed it...but too late now! ^^;;
                              *internally freaking out*