His Unwanted Wife Again

His Unwanted Wife Again

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This is the sequel to 'His Unwanted Wife' 

Get out! There is nothing left between us." Nathan yells.

"What do you mean Nathan? We're married."

His lips thinned. "My lawyer will be calling you about that."

"Nathan." She pleads. "Why are you doing this? This isn't you."

"Sabrina." He put a ton of emphasis on her name. "You don't know me, you don't have the slightest clue who I am. That sucker, you knew as a husband, no longer exist. You're going to see who Nathan Alden really is." He picks up the phone and hits a button. 

"Security, I have a women here that needs to be escorted out of the building."

End of excerpt 

What could possibly turn Nathan against Sabrina? 

Highest rank 38 in Romance....I think

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I'm so confused was the death of there child the reasons that drew there marriage to a end or is there something else that happened
bitchface_ bitchface_ Oct 19
I'm crying they can never catch a fùcking break especially her 😪
both of her ovaries? It depends on the case and how large is the cyst(endometriosis cause the origin of the cyst is the endometrial lining) 
Am I the only one that noticed hawkins it's in stranger things
I guess it does take  a toll on you when you loose a child..but you have to have the right support system around you urging you to move forward and breathe..this sucks...I feel bad for her..
I bet tht was a mistake having the drama queen live with them..