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Puppy Love

Puppy Love

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tessyoc By tessyoc Completed

There is a planet filled with only guys who fuck each other almost all the time. 
The aliens of Venos have a custom where one must have sex monthly, if sex is deprived for a while, that person will take its normal, but weak form, the form of a Venu.
Mikaela Hyakuya, playboy and prince of Venos, bites off more than he can chew when he foolishly sleeps with one of his father's harem.
As punishment, Mikaela is banished to live where having sex with men will pose as a very difficult task, the planet earth. Of course Mikaela is unable to cope and after a month without sex, takes his form as a Venu. 
Yuichiro Ichinose, a normal boy, doesn't know what he is getting into when he decides to take home a strange looking puppy. What happens when the puppy turns into Mikaela who wants to use him as a sex tool until he returns home?
Yuu's life will never be the same again.

Started - Jan 28, 2016
Ended - Aug 12, 2016

well sunshine, last time I checked his naME WASNT ALOIS TRANCY
I'm sure that I am not the only one who thinks Lest looks like the oficial Ferid x Crowly love child lol
Lol they seem si concerned about Yuu, but what about Yoichi? Lol poor Yoichi they dont love him😭😭😭
Jmyame Jmyame Jun 25
OML. Put it together, what do you get?
                              Basically Mikasa. Amen.