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His Mystifying Devotion

His Mystifying Devotion

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WolfPanda95 By WolfPanda95 Updated Jun 05

His body pinned hers, but she was not afraid.  In reaction to his hands roaming over her body, moans escaped from her painted lips.  Hearing his names leave her lips drove the beast forward, causing pain to shoot through her body, but soon enough pleasure engulfed her...
When the vampire prince and his friends get themselves into trouble the only person that can get them out is the beauty that once lived with a beast of a man.  Can she get them out of the situation, can she handle seeing the beast again, and more importantly can the beast handle seeing his lost little rose, who has now blossomed into a beautiful woman of high status, even in the vampire community.  And how will he feel when he finds out about her secrets?  
To top it all off, she struggles for her life as it was before the tragedy, and for the future she could have.  Taking control of her father's company, going back to school, trying to save those that pay for her company, and those that had once ruined her life.  Will she be able to juggle her new life, or will she begin to wilt?
~~Sequel to 'His Personal Infatuation'
The second book in 'His' series.

Zarnisaaa Zarnisaaa Jun 10
LOL I read "His hair agreed to not kill anyone today" Ahahahah
_reallytho_ _reallytho_ Jan 30, 2016
I swear to god this is like love at first sight. I love this and I will be sitting here waiting for an update soon so...update please 😍😍😍.
BabyGurl467 BabyGurl467 May 03, 2016
hell u know rose and nick love each other I love this book series
darkvampirekisses darkvampirekisses Nov 10, 2016
Pfft she was bluffing... She pulled a good one over on him XD Good going Rose XD
- - Oct 27, 2016
"We think people are monsters because they are different
                              We think people are below us because of their color
                              We think that people are freaks because they like something we don't
                              Don't be that person who labels everyone at first glance, because who knows? 
                              you could be labeled the same way"
jayblue78 jayblue78 Jan 26, 2016
It has to be her, yeah hehehe love it so far😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😊😊😊☺☺☺