The Canary (Completed)

The Canary (Completed)

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Feenics Ryzin By feenicsryzin Completed

Joe Anoa'i, a biology teacher at Miami-Dade High School, hails from the beautiful island of Samoa. Attending graduate school in Miami, Florida and now working on his doctorate degree, his career is moving forward and his life is going just as he had planned it. The only thing lacking is that special woman he's been patiently waiting for to complete him.
Just when he believes that he will have to put his search for Ms. Right on hold, KenLeigh N'Diaye walks into his life. The half-Irish, half-Kenyan  Chicago native is beautiful, immediately catching his eye. Everything about her from head to toe is perfect. However, one thing keeps them apart-she's married to her husband of eighteen years, Dr. Adamu N'Diaye (Idrs Elba). Joe knows that all marriages aren't good marriages, and soon learns that the N'Diaye marriage is full of turbulence. 
What happens when Joe finds out the truth about KenLeigh N'Diaye? Will her marriage to the good doctor withstand the drama? Is she Joe's "Mrs. Right," or is he making a mistake that will cost him and her?

I own all events and OCs in this book!

Name Pronunciations
KenLeigh: Ken-Lee
Adamu: Uh-DAH-moo
Dakarai: Duh-KAH-ray
N'Diaye: In-Jī (long I)
Mosi: Mō-zee
Otunga: Ō-ton-guh
Dogo: Dō-gō
Zuri: Zoor-Ree

feenicsryzin feenicsryzin Jan 30, 2016
Thanks, I love I dris, but somebody's gotta be the bad guy. After seeing him in No Good Deed, I was like "yep, he fits the description and the bill." Lol, glad you like it.
- - Feb 27, 2016
I love their names it's so intriguing. Idris perfectly fits the whole character he's portraying. Its absolutely perfect, I love this.
lashaykidd2007 lashaykidd2007 Jan 30, 2016
So in love with idris. Every since I saw him in takers 😍 but he is bat crazy in this story lol I never would've imagined a story with him and Roman but I like it. It's different in a good way.
TylerThomason TylerThomason Aug 24, 2016
Great, great chapter. Everything is awesome. With this first chapter, I'm already intrigued.
                              Let's keep this going
AGJordan107 AGJordan107 Aug 19, 2016
I like this book and the names are cool. Putting them in a different light brings the story new settings. Again like the story. And if her husband don't try and help his insecurity there is nothing that Joe will have to do or say because he'll push his own wife to another man.
angelofmusic36 angelofmusic36 Jan 26, 2016
I'm half African and I can hear how funny that is in my head