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My Bully // J. S. {Completed}

My Bully // J. S. {Completed}

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Brookelynn By BreakingBrookelynn Completed

Lyric, a 13 year old girl, is getting fostered by a young couple in Virginia. 

Now she has too move from Ohio, to Virginia. Her first day there isn't very welcoming. The cute boys that end up as jerks, making friends end up being a hassle, and your foster parents end up keeping a secret.

Later on in the story people forgive and forget, but somethings stay the same.

Chaos_Dork Chaos_Dork Jan 09
You know putting a little blush there and there and chapstick a hint a perfume all that smoll stuff
95 i win i win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my chemical romance bitches
@stevenunvierseislife this could be us *wiggles eyebrows* we could- "remembers what your face looks likes then shuts up* never mind
I kinda like this author cuz you give us like questions to answer at the end☺ 10/10
                              DON'T CHOOSE THE BLADE, CHOOSE ICE CREAM 🍦
Chaos_Dork Chaos_Dork Jan 09
Finally in a book there are lesbi couples Jeezus it's so rare 😂