Lips & Lesbians Part 2

Lips & Lesbians Part 2

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Dae By _daedae Updated May 28

" hey mama . Its me , Asia . I know your probably looking down at me in shame for the decisions that I've made over the years but i only wanted to make you happy . I never forgot about you mama . I love you "  
- Asia 

A couple months later . . .

We were sitting at the living room table looking for places to go for our honeymoon . After three hours and about 5 different locations we finally came up with Jamaica and the Philippines . They were both beautiful places and the wedding was only a couple months away . I have to admit Rae was working hard to make my dream wedding come true and I was thankful .

" babe ? What do you think about royal blue , or maybe a peach color ? " I asked 

" thats cool baby , whatever you want ? " she said 

" Okay baby . "

" well baby its getting late . You know I gotta get up early in the morning for work . Im bouta head to bed . " rae said heading to bed but not before kissing me .

" good night baby " I said . I looked at a couple more colors and cak...

Like it's stuck in my head and make me want to listen to it even more
LaylaKong LaylaKong Mar 21
She Ain't Ashamed Of You , She Just Ashamed That You Going Back To Your Past , Downgrading Yourself For Fast Cash Bihhh Just Go To McDonalds They Have Applications.
mda2603 mda2603 Feb 27
I'm on both sides Rae don't want people to see Asia naked n Asia should understand that but then just like Asia, Rae needs to let go of the past but then again the past was something that u shouldn't forget
leeshaadion leeshaadion Mar 13
Omfg. Update please. I will pay you 😂 I'm desperate at this point.
I Love It She Is About To Get In Trouble Who She Doesn't Lie
bbyvanni bbyvanni Jul 17
Ayyee turn up guess whos from there !! Ha bishh me 😍🇵🇭