unfortunate | chanbaek

unfortunate | chanbaek

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riri By oohzelle Updated Jul 15, 2017


Chanyeol planned to make Do Kyungsoo jealous so he hired the designer - Byun Baekhyun to be his fake boyfriend. To pretend. Nothing more, nothing less.

As one of the Korea's young CEO, he got everything wrapped around his hands. He can have everything he wanted in just a snap of his fingers. But then, here comes the petite, bossy Byun Baekhyun to make his life upside down.

And there's no Plan B.

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KaiNSoo KaiNSoo Sep 30, 2017
So I just need to answer "Yes I am" before my boss finishes asking me for to be hired?😃
KaiNSoo KaiNSoo Sep 30, 2017
How I wished he hit his head on the door and falls on his butt so CY can finish explaining 😂✌✌✌
xPoulpy xPoulpy May 06, 2017
Yo TrollDae, this is Queen B 'K ? Let him live there all his life if he needs it. You'll be with Minseok anyway.
xPoulpy xPoulpy May 06, 2017
Hoy, sad bitch, be kind with your friend, he's helping you, and now you need to help him