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They are trapped. They are scared.  And they only have each other.

A group of twelve teenagers; six girls and six boys, wake up on a remote Pacific island. Water surrounds them for as far as they can see, and they have no memory of where they are or how they got there. 

Now, they must work together to find not only an escape, but their lost memories as well. That, or they perish on the desolate island.

Slowly, Tessa begins to unfold the disturbing reason why the twelve of them are imprisoned on the island.

And the truth is horrifying. 

Filled with page-turning action, adventure, romance and suspense, "Desolation" tells the thrilling story of these teenagers fight for survival on the desolate island.

HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in Adventure


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dwellinqz dwellinqz Nov 19
Omg i would be so terrified and Im afraid heights I would literally die before I even hit the grounf
Hysterically cry? hm not what i would do in that situation.. but sure (:
Where are you? Well not tied up in a tree in 100 degree weather. Its just a normal day
even though the description sounds too much like the maze runner series i will still give it a read XD
I'll tell ya what happened last night. You got wasted and got dared to tie yourself up to a tree (;
Ya know just a normal day...... tied up in a tree. Nothing to see here people IM JUST HANGING IN A TREE 
                              ((BTW THIS IS LIKE MY 8TH TIME READING THIS))