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Creepypasta yaoi

Creepypasta yaoi

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virus By djblondeys_boy Updated Dec 10, 2016

idk how to spell yaoi so yea....sowwy. anyways I'm making this story mainly for chu guys su..... enjoy >.<

EchoThe_Cat EchoThe_Cat Dec 21, 2016
Toby,me,ben,lj,and ej
                              Me:got its*i whispered*
                              Ben:you shouldn't have done that
                              Toby:dont worry it will be ok they wont know we capture them posting this in youtube,facebook, and twitter hehe
                              Lj,ej,ben,and me: heheheh
Me:*reads as jeff walks in*
                              Jeff:You bitch 
                              Me:*Jumps out window* nope nope nope
Misao_Rodgers Misao_Rodgers Aug 20, 2016
It's cute. *tick* oh, and good job on *tick* spelling "yaoi" right. 😊
Mimi00creepz Mimi00creepz Oct 28, 2016
-In the morning-
                              Me: I got everything on camera *hahahaha* this is going on porn hub