My Speech on Bullying

My Speech on Bullying

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All quotes are from Brainy Quotes,, and Tumblr. The credit for them goes to the person who said it. I just did the research.

Most people don't realize how big of a problem this is. Bullying is so common in our lives that we don't even realize that it's happening when it does. We believe it to be something normal, everyday thing, when it's not. Not even close. Everytime it happens, adults say "They're kids. They'll get over it." and "it builds character and makes them stronger. They can deal with it themselves." when in reality, it breaks us and rips us apart bit by bit.

Why should people give in to bullies?Why do we have to let them hurt and harass us physically and emotionally? Is it because we're different? Because we're not normal? What makes us different from the rest of them? What is normal?

According to recent studies,twenty percent of kids have been bullied. fifteen percent of students report not showing up for school out of fear of being bullied while there. Over ...

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FrutieCutie FrutieCutie Mar 18, 2017
i just couldnt respond
                              so responded with tears in my eyes
                              so at least she could find some comfort
FrutieCutie FrutieCutie Mar 18, 2017
u r just like lots of illnesses put together  
                              which also made me cry
                              when i told or heard mariyam talk about 
                              her scoliosis
aesthetichris aesthetichris Aug 31, 2017
May I use some of your sentences for my speech? Don't worry i'll give you credits as my references😄
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Hey can I use this speech in my V. Ed?? They seriously need to hear this! I'll give you the credits!
Can i use this for my speaking exam ? ill give u creds dw lmao
FrutieCutie FrutieCutie Mar 18, 2017
yh its ok
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