Girl Behind the Mic

Girl Behind the Mic

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isabella mendes By purple_princess143 Completed

Let's face it there are shy, awkward people in the world and Emily just happens to be one of them.

Her love of singing makes her start a Youtube Channel and her insecurities of what people think of her causes her to make it anonymous because Emily has never wanted attention or popularity. But when Emily has to tutor the most popular guy in school, who is determined to find out who the Girl Behind the Mic is, how long can Emily keep the secret?

Well with high school, there's more drama than there are of Emily's fans!

335 teen fiction. 375 romance. completed. not my best story buuuuuut people seem to keep reading it soooo it still exists on the internet. yes, it's extremely cliche and i have changed the cover three times.

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fraein fraein Feb 16
I love listening to music and singing but shame i can't write a song.. no, I can't even sing without ruining the song 😂😂😂😂😂
Emma_G_2006 Emma_G_2006 Feb 26
This Book is going to be great ❤️❤️❤️😝😝😝
Alisha81506 Alisha81506 Apr 16, 2017
I love singing but I can not write lyrics or anything song related also I'm not a nerd because I hate studying and I'm not that smart but I do have glasses and need new ones because the ones I have are too small
anishi921 anishi921 Jan 22
*cries in my bed* I study for two hours straight and I still get a C....
itskhie itskhie Feb 23
my hair color, skin color or eye color does not define my personality or my skills, that's just so stupid really
faded_reader faded_reader Jul 08, 2017
ok i watched this thing called radio rebel with my sister since it was family night and this is exactly it so idk if u based it off or somth but yeah