pricked » yoonmin [FF]

pricked » yoonmin [FF]

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⚡ By wangzico Updated Mar 06

Book 2

一 sequel to #sadlife

Please leave me 
without saying a word
Please close those 
beautiful lips,
stop bothering me

When are you going to 
let me go

My heart that 
used to keep you inside
is becoming a love thorn? 

Can I not see you again?
You, who I can't touch

Like a love thorn

You make me unable 
to forget you with this pain 

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YoonseokShipper8 YoonseokShipper8 Oct 08, 2016
That is amazing.
                              Ming if I post it on YouTube to promote your story?
-sunev -sunev Oct 18, 2016
i swear to god if you wont make them come together i will fockin annoy you so damn hard you wished you had
Efanay Efanay Dec 25, 2016
Everytime I close my eyes
                              It's like a dark paradise
                              No on compares to you
                              But there's no you
                              Except in my dream tonight
                              Lana Del Rey - Dark Paradise,  fits well
dlock234 dlock234 Jan 23
There's nothing like us~ there's nothing like you and me together though the storms~😭😭😭😭
dlock234 dlock234 Jan 23