Shameless ~ Bellamy Blake

Shameless ~ Bellamy Blake

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"Love is sacrificing everything for the one you love no matter what the circumstances."

Tatum Sydney, daughter of ex Chancellor, Diana Sydney, was locked up in the Sky Box for 88 days for a crime she never committed. Imagine her shock when she is told that she and 99 other prisoners are being sent down to the "ground" to see if it's livable. She's leaving her mother, her family, her entire life behind. When she arrives on the ground she finds herself suddenly attracted to a certain muscular, dark haired leader, Bellamy Blake. Follow their story as they fight to not only be together, but fight for their lives.

Book 1~Season 1

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--Mae-- --Mae-- Apr 21, 2017
"You have one job, ladies and gentlemen, one responsibility...stay alive." 
                              Yea they had ONE JOB
                              And they failed. 
                              Either died or took off their wristband...
                              Great job guys👏🏻😂
euphoric-mess euphoric-mess Mar 10, 2017
I used to hate wells but now I feel bad for him, he didn't deserve what happened to him
BangLo3115 BangLo3115 Jul 21, 2017
None of they guards wondered why he was half naked...??? Thats ridiculous
maristacrat maristacrat Oct 02, 2017
One thing Allison and this character have in common, is that their mothers are huge bitches that end up dying and deserving it.
CaughtOnWires CaughtOnWires Aug 06, 2017
They probably think she was the rapist holding him at gun point
Fucking_Crybaby Fucking_Crybaby Aug 01, 2017
How come every fan fiction about Bellamy Blake has crystal playing in it....