Tsukkiyama - It's not college without you

Tsukkiyama - It's not college without you

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Elsa By ElsaSvensson1 Updated Oct 16

Tsukishima Kei was about to begin college. He was not excited at all. Being forced out of his own house and live with some stranger, ugh! Not only did he hate people, he hated going outside of his own house. If he would have stayed in there reading and playing video games his whole life if he could.

No other human had made him feel as good as a game had.

Not before a Tadashi Yamaguchi came along and turned his whole world up side down.

A/N: I'm not close to going to college and I have no idea what it's like. I'm going by the colleges I've read about in fan fiction, I don't know any better xP

*Almost screamed and then actually screamed.* Damn, fandom people have good music taste!
Same (also I'm currently listening to ATL, but my fave band still has to be either FOB, MCR or P!ATD (so basically the emo trinity)
 #WhenTheAuthorHasGreatMusicTaste I really like ATL but my favorites are MCR TØP BVB P!ATD and FOB