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One Piece: In One Piece and have Anime powers?!

One Piece: In One Piece and have Anime powers?!

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Shin-chan By Neko1290 Updated Mar 23

12-year old, Meredith Akira loves anime. Which is a shame in everybody else's eyes since Akira has all the thing a normal 12-year old boy could ask for; Really beautiful looks, inhumanly sharp senses, and a brain of a genius prodigy.  Sure all that's handy (and also a pain especially the beautiful looks part), and his future is guaranteed successful, not to mention he takes interest in all kinds of things. But nothing can struck the core like anime. Especially One Piece. 

The God of Anime (who happens to be his long lost father for some crazy reason) decides to transport him into One Piece with his new pet pokemon (what?!) Eevee (who has the ability to turn into all 8 forms) and sends him missions on a daily basis. And to make it more chaotic, Akira inherited Anime powers from his father, allowing his new power to explore endless possibilities. 
Now with the powers of all kinds of anime characters, the knowledge of the anime One Piece, and the fact that its all handled in a talented 12-year old child prodigy.....
.....This isn't going to end very calmly is it?

Credits to those whose pics and videos I borrowed. This is for fun so please don't pressure me. 
Note: OC is a child. 12-year old, male, prodigy child. Don't know why but I want you to keep that in mind.

Anggun_lory Anggun_lory Mar 25
hey what manhwa is that? up there... i want to read it... please reply...
False_Dream False_Dream Aug 10, 2016
Kouha's sword is a 2.0 of Ichigo Kurosaki's sword XD aka a ripoff
KimonoLover KimonoLover Feb 15, 2016
You updated!!!! Yay!  I knew you would! Please continue you soon. Much obliged for the lung chapter.
LunaMoon37 LunaMoon37 Aug 04, 2016
What is the name of the anime in the picture you put in the media
                              Please tell me
yellowspring07 yellowspring07 May 21, 2016
THE POWER OF ANIME!!!!! (dramatic booming voice should be noted)
KimonoLover KimonoLover Feb 07, 2016
I hope you do update quickly. I'm so excited for the first ever one piece fanfiction by you. 😄😄😄