Welcome to Gravity Parnormia! (Billdip)

Welcome to Gravity Parnormia! (Billdip)

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Blue Leader By BlueCipher0 Completed

Welcome one all to Gravity Parnormia! We are very sorry about the in convince about that fire a few years ago and the place had to be closed until rebuilding was finished. Worry no more everyone! The place has reopened once again for all ages! We hope you enjoy your time and come back again soon. We very much await your arrival.

I don't own Fnaf and Gravity Falls, also the pictures too. All rights go to their original owners.

Was a one-shot, but they wanted me to continue this. Well I am now

Enjoy ^^

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Ghostling_girl21 Ghostling_girl21 Jul 30, 2017
I can't watch it because 1. It will take long to load 2. It will drain my battery and 3. I'm just plain lazy
Ok let me just read dipper's thoughts, AHHA! He's thinking this: I could only hope that Bill would kiss me.
Dipper: I'm straight
                              Bill:No your not~.
                              Bill: *Kisses him on the lips* set your not~.
                              Dipper: 🖕🏻
THANKS FOR BRINGING THIS SONG INTO MY LIFE, ITS ONE OF THE THINGS I SCARE PEOPLE WITH!!!! For real though, I love it. Thanks for introducing me to my two new favorite songs!
Hush hush hush, blush blush blush, you are now my big fat crush.........yeah a song
QuartzUndTawny QuartzUndTawny Dec 31, 2017
I'd be like, "Wait! Stop! I have a snickers! You aren't you when you're hungry!"
                              Gives it to Bill- "Better?"
                              Bill: "Better. But I'll still kidnap you anyways."
                              "Oh sh-"