Welcome to Gravity Parnormia! (Billdip)

Welcome to Gravity Parnormia! (Billdip)

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Gravity Zero By DipperCipher0 Completed

Welcome one all to Gravity Parnormia! We are very sorry about the in convince about that fire a few years ago and the place had to be closed until rebuilding was finished. Worry no more everyone! The place has reopened once again for all ages! We hope you enjoy your time and come back again soon. We very much await your arrival.

I don't own Fnaf and Gravity Falls, also the pictures too. All rights go to their original owners.

Was a one-shot, but they wanted me to continue this. Well I am now

Enjoy ^^

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Nobody is the least bit concerned about specific dates being mentioned and how specific this song is to the animatronics? 
                               U MUST B SPEAKING A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE!!!!! 
I used to always think that the last verse was:
                              "Now we're stuck here turning gay"
Yep. You're sexuality is as STRAIGHT AS A COOKED RAMEN NOODLE
Me: * start to shiver in fear* I know how you feel, Dipper. I know how you feel...
                              IT'S ALL MY HOPES AND DREAMS COMING TRUE.