Inspirational Stories

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Caroline By miss_oline Updated 3 years ago
Inspirational Stories that will teach you something. Take a look at it please ^^
    p.s. I don't take the credit for all of the stories inside ^^
My gods. That is so sad that poor family. The mom defense should not have beaten her but o find it good that she felt remorseful . And that poor little kid. .... She- she- what she wrote. I'm crying.
your stories r more than wonderful u have a different way all the people like to write about action stories ,love, fantasy etc. but choosing inspirational stories is the best choice I encourage u keep writing
@mandeepsinghmakker some are. We heard about one that killed her newborn son because he would  not stop crying when she was playing FarmVille. It's very sad but unfortunately true
:-( I just stocked ...!! 
                                     I believe  mom never looks like this ...its only story ...that's it.
First patents should understand the problem than take a action. with love if any parents tell their children's that "this is wrong and that is right".
It remind me of this story about a son & his dad. The father also beat his kid to death. TT^TT