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For King and Country

For King and Country

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Emilia Belle By EmiliaBelle Updated Aug 15, 2016

"What do you want, Cora?" He snapped, slamming his fist on the table, making me jump slightly as he looked at me with his wild eyes. "You spend so much time now worrying about everyone else, but for once, will you please just ask yourself what you want?!" 
I looked at him, my face cold and set as my eyes pricked with tears. I would not cry, not again. "It does not matter what I want. It matters what I do, in the name of my country." I turned to go, pausing briefly to turn my head to face him. "And it's Avalyn. Not Cora." 

Cora had lived her life in a small village, praying for an escape, an adventure like in her stories. Just as she become resigned to her simple life, she is thrust into the middle of a scheming court, a violent war, and a whole host of people pulling her in every direction. Cora learns quickly enough that people will do, or say, anything in the name of King and Country.

kaitlin2040 kaitlin2040 May 08, 2016
This made me tear up a little, with the father dying and the daughter crying.
Rez512 Rez512 Jul 28, 2016
And here I was thinking I had run out of good things to read.
                              I can already tell this is gonna be good!
colormedisney12 colormedisney12 Nov 06, 2016
What, I'm not crying, there's just some dirt in my eye 😿😿😿😿 I'm rereading this but I still wasn't ready
Amara_Noels Amara_Noels May 04, 2016
Yeah, really confused. It's not bad, I promise, you just don't point out their roles in the first place, so I'm just trying to figure out if Henry is the king, or if nate is the king, and if so, why is Henry not the king when he's Nate's father and he's not dying or anything...? :/
Amara_Noels Amara_Noels May 04, 2016
Nevermind. No longer confused, although the I think you should maybe do some surface editing, rearrange the beginning a bit.
Amara_Noels Amara_Noels May 04, 2016
The only thing I'm really confused about is who's talking in the beginning, because I think you have Nathaniel saying "Father", but then you have the king's actions right afterward, and it seems like he's the one talking