The Only Hope For Me ♡ |Frerard|

The Only Hope For Me ♡ |Frerard|

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♡ d o l l y ♡ By vampirexchild Completed

"Face all the pain and take it on because the only hope for me is you alone."

How can something so beautiful turn into something so tragic?


|Contains trigger warnings, sexual content, swearing, and some graphic descriptions.|

alt-moon alt-moon Oct 26, 2016
i love this chapter and i'm the same way with writing, if i don't it impacts my mental health
acciochaitea acciochaitea Dec 23, 2016
Why did I think of the mall from the Hannah Montana game in ds
also I'm really concerned because my house smells like cookies but I'm home alone
kookie14 kookie14 Dec 16, 2016
Literally the same reactions with ALL my favorite band members
kookie14 kookie14 Dec 16, 2016
That was me when I first dyed my hair red. I always freaked out when I saw my shampoo and the water pink
noitsironic noitsironic Nov 23, 2016
What if Samantha isn't gay tho... I mean this is a Frerard so literally everyone is gay but yaknow