Luna Of Darkness

Luna Of Darkness

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"You Need Darkness To See The Stars"
Dark Angel's. 

We are known as the Angels that were kicked out of Heaven and go crazy trying to get back. Some say we kill everything in our path to get back. 

They're right. Most Dark Angel's do go crazy trying to get back. But what no one talks about are the normal Dark Angels. The ones that are as normal as any other supernatural creature. The ones that weren't kicked out of Heaven. 

But the ones that choose to leave. 
My name is Ares. Yes I was named after the God of chaotic war. 

I'm a Dark Angel. No I did not get kicked out of Heaven. I chose to leave that Hell hole. Ironic isn't it. 

Everyone assumes Heaven is great. But it isn't.  

You have to go to bed at a certain time. You can't swear. They treat you like a little kid that isn't capable of doing anything on their own. 

I just couldn't take it. I wanted to be able to do whatever I want without any one punishing me. 

I wanted to be free.
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KelseAgeha KelseAgeha Aug 17
Not really, no. Not all humans are free. That's how sad life is
The f  I would turn dark angel as soon as I stepped one foot in heaven! I don't like being controlled....
One must step into the darkness to appreciate the true beauty of the light and vice versa
                              She spent so long in the light that now the dark is forever beautiful
                              I as well love the dark
I love darkness... It makes thing look more majestic and mysterious and... Dark.
- - Jun 07
So if a female angel suddenly gets her period early, and doesn't have pads on her, she has to walk around with a nasty ass stain on her arse whilst wearing white pants?
i think she should be red headed u no buut then again she's pretty and its ur story though :)