psychopaths | pjm

psychopaths | pjm

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{we're all human right? isn't it in our nature to get a bit...psychotic?}

*also on aff by __galaxy__*

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SkyeJimin SkyeJimin Aug 02, 2016
I know he did not just say that to me.Boi you wanta get slapped!
MyJamless_SugaKookie MyJamless_SugaKookie Dec 25, 2016
This is was the part when I was like; ok who wrote this the north?
imagine d.o and baekhyun being a killer with the hyper chanyeol im shook
Huliaiskool Huliaiskool Nov 28, 2016
How am I supposed to be useful
                              WHEN IM TIED TO A DAMN CHAIR
aestheticlyassy aestheticlyassy 6 days ago
Damn my trump genes i guess looking like and orange isn't all too bad
Did you see that  * points finger over the ship that has sailed