psychopaths | pjm

psychopaths | pjm

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{we're all human right? isn't it in our nature to get a bit...psychotic?}

*also on aff by __galaxy__*

(plagiarism of any kind is not tolerated)

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Lilophet Lilophet Jan 04
I don't necessarily remember the character's name, but I know it's not MiYoung.
Jack the Ripper anybody ( I'm thinking of grell from black butler)
techy_tinks techy_tinks Apr 26
Prostitutes, really? I hardly find that as bad as rapists and drug dealers.
JustTabs JustTabs Apr 07
If you like rain move to Ireland it was belting out of the heavens today
Same tho, I love rain and thunder. I hate when its sunny outside idk why. I love to go out on rainy and cold days, but hate to go out on sunny and hot days.
Okay I’m confusing he’s cute had chubby cheeks looks innocent jimin but then again he’s y’all do namjoon? Jungkook? Jin?