StarWars Imagines and Preferences - COMPLETED

StarWars Imagines and Preferences - COMPLETED

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AMarchIntoMayhem By AMarchIntoMayhem Updated Aug 06, 2016

As the title states this is a collection of different imagines,one shots and, preferences.  I'll do almost any character from star wars, except Jar Jar becuase if you request him i will write 500 ways he can die. Characters include: Luke, Leia, Han, Obi Wan, Anakin, Poe, Finn, Rey.

Some may include violence, blood, and mature content, other triggers.

DISCLAMER: I do not own any of these characters they all belong to George Lucas and Disney.

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-anakins -anakins Feb 06, 2016
                              Who: Anakin
                              Plot: he wants to marry me and me to bear his children..
-AnaSings- -AnaSings- Feb 22, 2016
Name: Anastacia 
                              Who: Luke/Han 
                              Plot: Luke and Han fight over me and want me to pick one of them, but I can't because it would be hard, then I pick Luke.
Thin_Tan_Duchess Thin_Tan_Duchess May 08, 2016
Name: Cora
                              Who: Poe (dating) 
                              Poe forgot my birthday, so to make up for it, he surprises me by spoiling me with a kitten and a new choker. 
                              Preference: What we dress up as for Halloween. (I can totally see Poe as Danny Zuko)
gee_ways_thighs gee_ways_thighs Apr 23, 2016
                              Kylo Ren and I are dating
                              He is trying to find and kill Finn and I help
starwars-and-kpop starwars-and-kpop May 01, 2016
Name: Trinity
                              Who: Padmé's sister, Anakin has a crush on her
                              Plot: On Mustafar I pull him away from the dark side & we raise our children
Darth_jar_jar Darth_jar_jar May 09, 2016
                              Who:General Hux  (Dating)
                              Plot: Hux runs into Aria during a mission. They spend some  time catching up and talking.