Handsome Bastard // Justin Bieber

Handsome Bastard // Justin Bieber

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------ Based on the song "No Pressure" by Justin Bieber ft Big Sean ---------

Justin Bieber, the teen heart throb, the biggest pop star at the moment was a cocky young man who had an endless supply of girls. The world was phased by his charms and almost every girl fell victim. He could make their knees go weak with just a smile. 

He was used to getting any girl he wanted, matter fact; he never even faced the need to ask the girl. None of them were immune to his spell.

Anastasia Starr was the new it-girl of Hollywood. She was elegant, confident, sexy, smart and sassy. She was every man's fantasy come true. She was taking over the world like wildfire with her drop-dead gorgeous looks and powerful voice.

 When Justin's predator eyes fall on Anastasia, he's ready to flip the world around to get her for he had never seen a girl like her. While every guy was busy fantasying about Anastasia; Justin wanted to be the man to have her.

But Ana was hard to get and she'd never leave a chance to turn Justin's balls blue. She frustrated him in every way, he frustrated her in every way but they both. knew that no one else could do them better than each other.

But Justin's a womaniser and Ana wants to be his only. 

Will Justin give up his ways for her? Is there a chance for Jana? Will the love flourish or would it set both souls to flames?

***this story contains physical abuse; only read if comfortable***


Thank goodness, everyone portrays her as a bítch and i hate it. Shes a queen💙
Why did i start singing beautiful from sean kingston instead 😂😂😂
The only story I've read so far where she's not gonna be portrayed as a bitch
yutipatel1 yutipatel1 Jun 22
You know she is going down in real like nobody even notices her anymore
I need a zustin collab I've been waiting for it ever since zayn left 1d 😩