•The Boy With Blue Eyes• /A ZaneMau Fanfic\

•The Boy With Blue Eyes• /A ZaneMau Fanfic\

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BlueSpark18 By BlueSpark18 Updated Aug 10, 2016

"Your ripped at every edge but you're a master piece."-Hasley, Colors


Zane was told from the day he could talk that he was a monster. That he would cause endless pain to so many. And he believed them.

Aphmau was told from the day she could talk that she was pure beauty. That so many lusted and loved her. And she believed them.

Many would think that when a monster and a beauty meet, the would repel each other. Because they're complete opposites.

But didn't your mother tell you?

Opposites attract.

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TheKnownGirl123 TheKnownGirl123 Apr 30, 2017
                              2. IT'S. HALSEY. NOT. HASLEY. *cringes* HELP MEED
- - Apr 14, 2016
Ha you just got in love💜💜💖💖💖💖💖💏💏💏💗😗🍝💕💕💗💕💕💏💕💗💕💟💕💟💝💓💚💞💚💝💜💞💖💖💖💖
Aluriya Aluriya Sep 03, 2016
"I suddenly forget how awful this world is." That's literally me XD
reality_is_a_snitch reality_is_a_snitch Feb 21, 2016
Who here wishes that they could forget how awful the world is because I do.
1sarahbear1 1sarahbear1 Sep 20, 2016
Zanemau is so cute. I mean AARMAU is the best but I tolerate s bit of Zanmau when it's good
Kk-Kayla Kk-Kayla Jul 02, 2016
Bluespark I love this book!! How do you write so good!! Can you share your skill with me? #BestFriendsForLife