Opposites » l.j

Opposites » l.j

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lauren's daddy By JaureguisPapi Updated 3 days ago

Y/n Y/LN:
18 years old
Born in England, United Kingdom
January 21, 1996
Popular, Athlete, Singer/Songwriter, Non-virgin

Lauren Jauregui:
18 years old 
Born in Miami, Florida
June 27, 1996
Popular, Virgin

Y/n was the heartbreaker but Lauren was the lover. They were complete opposites. Y/n was the type of person that didn't want to commit to love. However, Lauren committed to love. Y/n gets all the attention from girls but Lauren doesn't get the attention from the boys. 

Ever since Y/n met Lauren when he moved to Miami, he liked Lauren. But, Lauren saw how Y/n acted in school and well, she didn't like him.

What happens when both Y/n and Lauren's parents meet and their parents decide that it was time for them to bond with each and work out their differences with each other?

"This was going to be the worst part of my life to spend time with Y/n", Lauren thought to herself.

They say opposites attract. So does Lauren and Y/n attract?

Sounds like me when im not drunk! 😏😏😂😂😋😋😆😆
JaureguisPapi JaureguisPapi Jan 26, 2016
Sorry guys to keep you waiting, just hold on! I need more people to read this story because most people wanted this book to be published so yeah and I have school too. @Antonio__Lopez @DAVIESINDAHOUSE