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Kill or Cure - a zombie novel

Kill or Cure - a zombie novel

27.4K Reads 2K Votes 27 Part Story
Pixie By Pixie_Britton Completed

* * * Reader reviews * * *
  "That. Is. Brilliant. That's the sort of thing that stay's with you" -  @Mpb2012
  "This is a fantastic book and could easily be a best seller on Amazon" - @StephenClarkson
  "God, this was intense. I'm speechless. You've managed to wreak havoc on so many emotions. This is incredible" - @Ohiostategirl07
  "This was one of the most brutal, heart-wrenching chapters i've read in recent months. Well done" - @JohnAAJoesph
   * * * Synopsis * * *
In a dystopian world ravaged by infection, society as we know it has fallen to the mouths of the dead. The remaining fragments of civilisation survive in walled compounds, scattered in the depths of the countryside.  When her little brother becomes sick with a suspected flu virus, Alyx Silverthorne will do anything to keep Tommy alive.
When Tommy takes a turn for the worse, the council of Merope become suspicious that he is infected, even though he has never left the safety of the compound. In a race against time, Alyx and her best friend Will stop at nothing to protect him, even from the same people that swore to protect them all.
 Kill or Cure is a story of love, loss and adrenaline filled adventure. It will rip your heart out and leave you wanting more.


Featured in April 2017
Highest rank at 22

nekothemeow nekothemeow a day ago
I couldn't imagine if I were you... alone with those walking dead and absolutely i'll stab my lung :v
Beautiful use of adjectives and explanations are very vivid. I'm already in love with this book
WHATS THE WORST THAT I CAN SAYYY THINGS ARE BETTER IF I STAY SO LONG AND GOODNIGHT SO LONG AND probably wouldn't understand but it's a my chemical romance reference​...
- - Mar 02, 2016
it's been said before but it's so true, you're detail is amazing!
Yearningsoul Yearningsoul Jul 31, 2016
I love the way you wrote the first chapter. Very descriptive and captivating, I'm curious to know if Tommy is truly sick or he's infected.
StephenClarkson StephenClarkson Apr 29, 2016
Fantastic start to the story Pixie. It was a great introduction into the world you have created and your characters are really relatable. I already like Alyx's uncle after only a few words. Looking forward to reading more!