His little Lolita (OHSHC)

His little Lolita (OHSHC)

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H By hlfoley Updated Jul 02, 2017

We all know who Honey-senpai is- cute, sweet, adorable and childlike.

But what if there was a girl that made Mitsukuni 'Honey' Haninozuka act his age? 

How was it even possible? Especially when his cousin Mori and the rest of the host club has never actually accomplished this feat.

She never forced this change and it was Honey who took things into his own hands to be the person he wants her to be happy with, even though she's happy with the him just the way he is.

When he's with her, he becomes like every other crazy hormonal teenager.

But what if he just happened to fall in love with this little blue haired girl,

His little Lolita.

**WARNING- MATURE THEMES, CHARACTER DEATH (Not main characters but it is gory)**


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ladyoflove03 ladyoflove03 3 days ago
I’m a Virgo to this may be the first time I seen character with the same sign as me
Sebastian the butler
                              Armin the coconut head
                              And gray the Ice princess
                              Did I get it right
Averym1135 Averym1135 Apr 01
Sebastian: *with a smirk on his face he says* "I'm simply one hell of a Butler" 😏
                              Me: *anime nosebleeds and passes out*
Sebastian : "Well,you see............I'm simply one HELL of a butler."
My coconut is bae but HE DIED 
                              READ THE GOD MANGASSSSSSSS
ShadowGaige ShadowGaige Mar 27
"I'm simply one hell of a Butler"
                              "I'm simply one hell of a dear"
                              "I'm simply one hell of a horse"