Dealin' With Demon's

Dealin' With Demon's

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Tsunami let out a soft moan into Musauns mouth as he tongued her down. His kisses got her more wet than anything else he did. He was finally back from Miami and the first thing he did was come see her even though they talked as much as possible when he was out there. 

As soon as he stuck his hand inside of her panties, she raised her hands to his chest and pushed him as hard as she could off of her. She still wasn't having sex with him and she meant that the moment she said it. 

"Just let me make you cum." He said in a voice that sent chills down her spine, the offer was so tempting but her word was more important than a nut. 

He reached in again and she softly slapped him in his face." I said no." 

Laughing, Musuan gave her some space." You never said no." Which was true. 

"The push meant no, learn your boundaries." Tsunami replied. 

Musuan stared her down like she had something on her face, she didn't say anything though, she only returned the stare. He took in her features,...

Ppl who jump on one person r mad weak. Can't fight they own battles😑
I guess we just gon have to throw hands then cus I ain't moving
shunti90 shunti90 May 24
I cant wait either lol.... girls like her always need someone to jump in
kii_realest kii_realest May 08
Guuuuurrrl I woulda been like me bitch no phone over here in these parks 😂👌💯
kyra1k kyra1k Jun 09
She not going to have any change after that listed 😭😭😭 I did not even know u can get all that from a corner store😭😭🤦🏽‍♀️
When I was in school we had 4 classes each class was 90 minutes school ended at 2:30.