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Dealin' With Demon's

Dealin' With Demon's

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🗣 By SpeakingOfSym Updated a day ago

Nyairah (Ny-Air-Rah)

Kids were running up and down the street,Sommerville, the new block I now live on. This was a whole new ghetto, but I don't play bills so who am I to complain? Note the sarcasm.

"Ny,come go to the store for me!" My mom hollered from inside our three bedroom house.

She wants me to go the store in a place I ain't never been to, how the fuck am I suppose to find the store?

I huffed loudly and got up, snatching the screen door open and went inside the house.

"How I'm suppose to go to the store and I don't even know where it is or if this place even got a store?" I stared deeply at her, her light skin glowed and went well with her pixe cut. Her lime green eyes always had a sparkle, an eye color I didn't inherit at all, mines were blue.

"You think I didn't map this out before we moved here, the store is at the corner of our block, your new school is only a few blocks away and the avenue aswell, the mall is approximately 30 minutes away and what else? Where in the c...

Lavish_Lee Lavish_Lee 19 hours ago
I would have said 913-486-16I GOTTA MIS CALL FROM YO      B-TCH. Sorry yall im childush😔😄
meme969 meme969 6 days ago
But but but but........ who asked you wanna be Egyptian Pharaoh head asss
meme969 meme969 6 days ago
Shitt these Bolumbus bitchhes don't really got hands for shitt. They got hella mouth tho. I don't run wit the Ohioans im a New Yorker at heart. No talking @Naya54
ChrisannBrown ChrisannBrown 6 days ago
Gurl dnt get a attitude just show ur damn papers that u paid for the seat