My Possessive Mate

My Possessive Mate

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"You're mine and only mine! No one else can claim you." He whispers into my ear huskily biting my ear lobe softly. "Tell me you understand." 

I nod my head yes, trying to hold back a small moan from escaping my lips.

"Tell me you understand, Scar!" 

"Y-yes, I-I understand Jace." I moan as he slides his hand over my no-no area and pushes us against my bedroom wall. 


Meet Scarlet Woods and Jace Parker. Scarlet is a 17 year old girl longing to find her mate, her one true and only love. She is the daughter of Alpha, Aaron and Luna, Adelaide, in the Silver Water pack. She has long brown wavy hair and blue eyes that you can easily get lost in them. She has curves in all the right places but doesn't like showing them off. Jace on the other hand is a possessive sexy alpha beast. He's the Alpha of Moonlight Rush pack. He has curly luscious hair that falls perfectly on his head and an eight pack he's not afraid to show off through his tight t-shirts and has amazing breath-taking green eyes. He's 18 and looking for his mate who he wishes to please and love.

*WARNING*Mature Contentn

I'm not really into tesla's. I'm more into muscle cars like comaros and mustangs.
That's just my room in general haha and that's lit what my mom says haha
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I take back what I said, that is nothing like my mom. My mom said she was giving me her old car which is ok thought the side has a dint and it kinda shakes like it's not as smooth. It's good for a starter car though I guess
My mom is a make up artist hair dresser and picks out great clothes
Every morning for me. My mom says it looks like a bomb went off in my room.
So she just has to let her wolf take over and then she can drive it all she wants to?🤔😐😶😂