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Trapped With Him

Trapped With Him

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obsessed- By obsessed- Updated Feb 13

"You know any girl would be dying to be in your position right now." He said with that devilish smirk of his.

"Oh, then aren't I lucky?" I replied, sarcasm clearly shown in my voice while I rolled my eyes.


          Meet Alyssa Ace; your average sixteen-year-old girl. She's stubborn, sarcastic and quite nerdy.

          Meet Austin Holt; the sexy, popular seventeen-year-old guy that almost every girl in the school wishes to get in his pants. He's cocky, rude, cold and a huge daredevil.                 

          What happens when the worlds of these two collide due to a lost key? He's the complete opposite of herself, but why is it that every time their eyes meet her heart skips a beat?

          This isn't one of those cliche love stories. This is a story of tears, heartbreaks and true love.

[ WARNING // There is a ton of swearing in the story, so i'm just warning you guys out there that are not a huge fan of swearing. Also I know I suck at writing a blurb, but give this story a chance and who knows what might happen ;) ]

© all rights reserved // obsessed-

emily2lazar emily2lazar Apr 09
Tbh with out school life would be boring. For example in my case 
                              I wouldnt met ky bestfriends, friends, mates, boyfriend and so on
Ihzeve Ihzeve May 02, 2016
I love school too because of the learning- proud Ravenclaw here!
Dixiehart Dixiehart Dec 18, 2016
I like to learn and go to school....
                              BUT I HATE WAKING UP AT FVCKING 8AM TO GO TO SCHOOL
Nojiko-chan Nojiko-chan Dec 28, 2013
im new here but this book was recommended to me.
                              and i read the blurb and you actually write a really good blurb.
                              don't doubt yourself.
xCraftyPopx xCraftyPopx Dec 28, 2013
alright im going to try to finish all the chapters you have for this story so far
xCraftyPopx xCraftyPopx Dec 28, 2013
a lost key? alright that got me interested. wonder if they get stuck since theres a lost key