Kisses and poison (markiplier x reader)

Kisses and poison (markiplier x reader)

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I got away from all the pain but whenever I look at you, all I feel is hopeless love. Even though what you did made my life great, it was still a mistake.

Mark was the bad boy. The one your mother told you to stay away from, the one that will break your heart, the one every girl wanted to change.

Y/n was a girl who fell in love with Mark. Cried over Mark. 

One stupid night..... They did something they regretted for awhile. Well y/n regretted it. She was a mistake but no she wasn't.

Who is she? You may ask. Well that's Sydney your daughter. The father..... Well was a terrible man. So you hid your baby girl. To make sure she never got hurt like you. 

But you can't hide forever...

SmittyWerbenJensen SmittyWerbenJensen Dec 01, 2016
Yeah, that actually sounds like me... if I like a guy I usually want him to stay away from me.
                              I'm weird.
PlayerOfWorth7 PlayerOfWorth7 Dec 16, 2016
A little hoe IN him? Cause we've all seen the Sexy Mark video. We all know he's a hoe
Jay-T_Larsin Jay-T_Larsin Jul 22, 2016
MARK, YOU'RE LATE, GO TO THE CORNER T^T (no, don't go markimoo ;_;)